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Veteran Aid & Attendant Benefits

We Salute You. Thank You To Our Veterans

RIGHT ACCORD understand that many elderly veterans in our community could use help at home from their disabilities.

We Salute You. Thank You To Our Veterans

Through our local partners, we can help you:

Determine you meet the eligibility criteria for Aid and Attendance Benefits

Assist with gathering necessary documents and information for application

Assist with filing out paperwork with the VA.

It is a burdensome process to figure out if your insurance or the Veterans Administration will cover the home care services you need. Sometimes it can get very confusing. We’re here to help you. We can help find out if you are eligible for any VA programs and benefits.

2015 Maximum allowable pension rates (MAPR)

Surviving Spouse:

$1,478 Monthly / $17,743 Annually

Single Veteran:

$2,300 Monthly / $27,609 Annually

Married Veteran:

$2,727 Monthly / $32,729 Annually

Two Vets Married:

$3,649 Monthly / $43,791 Annually