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Frquently Asked Questions

Home health care center FAQ’s

Your comprehensive faqs resource for clarity and understanding


What are the warning signs that your loved one may need in-home care?

A combination of the following means you need to consult for in-home care.

Frequent Falls

Weight Loss, Dehydration or Malnutrition

Appear unkempt

Lonely or depressed

Forgetful of doctor appointments

Experiencing errors in medications

Making frequent or unnecessary phone calls

Neglecting his or her hygiene

Disorganized at home

Unable to go to grocery store

Unable to drive or keep driving even when advised by doctor to stop driving

Have lapses of memory

Unable to manage affairs in the home



Frequent infections

Need to see doctors more than usual

New diagnosis with treatments involve

Depression or loneliness

Having medical procedure and live alone

What questions should i ask when consulting an in-home care provider?

When interviewing, ask if the company is:

Licensed by the State of Florida and regulated by FL Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)

Caregivers are not contractors but Employees (which means you will not be responsible, but the agency is responsible for paying all employment payroll taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, Workmen’s Compensation plan, Social Security, Medicare, Federal and State withholdings

Covered with Professional Liability Insurance

Fidelity Bond Insurance (referred to as theft insurance)

Level 2 Criminal Background Screening as mandated by AHCA

Has a system to validate caregiver experience and training

Provide continuing education

Has caregiver coverage or substitution in case of emergencies

Oversight and supervision of caregivers

Develop a plan of care and continue to review and update according the your loved ones condition

Minimum number of hours required

On call service is available 24/7 for emergencies or to address your concerns

Provide periodic follow-up, spot checks and visits

How our caregivers are selected?

We hire an “A-Team” of caregivers whom we conduct a complete and thorough personal and professional screening. Our goal is to match the specific needs and requests of each client with our caregiver’s personality. We want to hire the best caregivers in the community.

Can we choose or meet the caregiver in advance?

Yes, we can arrange caregivers for you to interview. We want you to be happy with your or our choice of caregiver. We want to work with you in finding the suitable caregiver for your loved one.

What will happen if caregiver is unable to show up at a scheduled shift due to an emergency or sickness?

RIGHT ACCORD Care Coordinator will do everything in our power to find another qualified caregiver or replacement and ensure there’s no disruption of service.

Do you provide services in the hospital or other facilities?

Yes, we provide sitter or companionship services while your loved one is hospitalized, or recovering in a facility or living in an assisted living or independent living community.

Who pays for in-home care services?

Typically, it is privately paid. However. we accept all kinds of Long Term Care Insurance Policies, Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits, Medicaid Waivers and Workers Compensation.

How do we pay for services rendered?

All our caregivers are employed and paid weekly. We take care of billing, payroll, taxes and insurances. You will receive a weekly invoice from our company by mail or email, as agreed upon initially. Invoices are due upon receipt. Payment by check or credit card is accepted.