Caregiver Resources

Documents required when applying for a job:


  • Identification including drive’ s license, social security card, birth certificate, or official form of identification to prove who you are
  • Proof of legal status in this country and proof that you are legally able to work
  • Name of school or program Diploma or certificate from home health aide training course and copy of CNA license
  • Names, titles, addresses and phone numbers of previous employers or clients
  • Copies of Continuing Education Certifications
  • Days and hours available to work
  • Brief statement why you want to work as a home health aide and client preferences

Competence in Job Interview Process. Be professional and do the following:

  • Dress neatly and appropriately
  • Shower or bathe and use deodorant
  • Wash your hands with clean well filed nails no more than medium length or shorter
  • Men caregiver should shave before interview
  • Do not smoke before interview
  • Do not wear perfume or cologne. Many people are sensitive or allergic to scents
  • Wear simple make up and jewelry
  • Wear hair in a simple and tidy style
  • Wear nice pair of pants, skirt or dress. Make sure they are not wrinkled to too short. No short pants
  • Make sure your shoes are clean and polished
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Find the location ahead of time
  • Introduce yourself wit a smile and shake hands
  • Answer questions clearly and completely
  • Make eye contact to show your are sincere
  • Avoid using slang words
  • Never eat, drink, or chew during an interview
  • Sit up or stand up straight and look happy
  • Do not bring friends or children
  • Do not use cell phones and best turn off your cell phone
  • Relax and Be Confident

Here are some sample questions asked during an interview: