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Essential Documents and Interview Tips for Job Applicants

Equipping you with vital documents, expert advice, and field-tested strategies to land your ideal job, foster change in home health care, and navigate interviews with poise and precision

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Documents required when applying for a job:

Identification including driveโ€™ s license, social security card, birth certificate, or official form of identification to prove who you are

Proof of legal status in this country and proof that you are legally able to work

Name of school or program Diploma or certificate from home health aide training course and copy of CNA license

Names, titles, addresses and phone numbers of previous employers or clients

Copies of Continuing Education Certifications

Days and hours available to work

Brief statement why you want to work as a home health aide and client preferences

Competence in job interview process. Be professional and do the following:

Dress neatly and appropriately

Shower or bathe and use deodorant

Wash your hands with clean well filed nails no more than medium length or shorter

Men caregiver should shave before interview

Do not smoke before interview

Do not wear perfume or cologne. Many people are sensitive or allergic to scents

Wear simple make up and jewelry

Wear hair in a simple and tidy style

Wear nice pair of pants, skirt or dress. Make sure they are not wrinkled to too short. No short pants

Make sure your shoes are clean and polished

Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Find the location ahead of time

Introduce yourself wit a smile and shake hands

Answer questions clearly and completely

Make eye contact to show your are sincere

Avoid using slang words

Never eat, drink, or chew during an interview

Sit up or stand up straight and look happy

Do not bring friends or children

Do not use cell phones and best turn off your cell phone

Relax and Be Confident

Here are some sample questions asked during an interview:

Why did you become a home health aide?

What do you like about working as a home health aide?

What do you not like working as a home health aide?

For first time home health aide, what are your expectations for this job?

What are you good at? Your strengths and your weaknesses?

Why did you leave your last job?

What kind of clients do you prefer to work?

What hours do you prefer to work?

What salary are you looking for?

What benefits are you looking for?

How much traveling can you work? Any preference for distances of clientโ€™s homes?

When are you available to start working?

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