Our Mission

One of Sarasota's Top In-Home Senior Care Provider

The RIGHT ACCORD mission is a commitment to help the seniors in our community to age gracefully. We ensure them of their dignity, security and social connections that will enhance their lives.

caregiver assisting an elderly


RIGHT ACCORD envisions a world in which senior citizens can age gracefully, socialize frequently and live comfortably. Therefore, we make sure that seniors DON’T have to experience isolation, malnutrition and indignity.

We committed to make a positive difference in the aging experience. The RIGHT ACCORD team will perform collective duties with confidence, concern, commitment, cheerfulness and care. In other words, we will treat every contact as a friend, every client as a family and perform every task with honor.

Clients and families will see:

  • our professionalism
  • experience our consistency
  • appreciate our integrity
  • feel our compassion
  • enjoy our highly trained staff and
  • feel secure about their safety

This is “The RIGHT ACCORD Way”.


We at RIGHT ACCORD relentlessly seeking ways to improve seniors life, to make a positive difference in aging experience and establish atmosphere in which seniors can thrive.


RIGHT ACCORD maintains several core values as its guiding principles:

  • To Honor Life in All Its Stages
  • To Act with Dignity and Respect for All
  • To Faster and Encourage Growth in Ourselves and Others
  • To Build Value in Our Service to Others


RIGHT ACCORD proclaims the following beliefs:

  • Every person is a unique individual with worth
  • Every person has the need for self-determination
  • Every person has the desire to actualize his/her dreams
  • Every person has individual right that must be respected and upheld
  • Every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Every person has the right to be a valued member within the community
  • Every person must have the opportunity to access all community services appropriate for his/her needs
  • Every person has the right to develop a supportive network of individuals who act as advocates
  • Every person has the right to give of one’s self and to receive from others in return