Hospice & End of Life Support Care

Caregiver visiting client at home

What is Hospice Care

Hospice is the term used for the special care that a dying person needs.

It is a compassionate way to care for dying person and their families. Hospice care uses holistic approach. It treats the dying person with physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

RIGHT ACCORD caregivers can support hospice care seven days a week or 24 hours a day. Hospice care may be provided in a hospital, at a facility, or in the home. A hospice can be any location where a person who is dying is treated with dignity by caregivers.

RIGHT ACCORD A-Team of caregivers receives special training and additional in service trainings from Tidewell Hospice team of professionals who are experts in Hospice Care.

How In-home Care Helps With Hospice Care

  • Encourage client to participate in life decision making as long as possible
  • Focus on relieving pain and making client as comfortable as possible
  • Encourage independence as long as possible
  • Provide break to family members who may be experiencing excessive stress
  • Offer support groups and services
  • Providing total comfort for the client rather than focusing on recovery
  • Being a good listener is a big help to client and his or her family
  • Allow client make choices when possible such as whether to bathe now or later, or what to eat or drink
  • Provide respect and privacy to client and family
senior woman in nursing home

Our Certified Hospice Home Health Aides And Nursing Assistants Are Able To Provide:

  • Personal care such as bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Oral care and care of nose and mouth
  • Incontinence Care
  • Feeding Assistance
  • Repositioning in bed for comfort
  • Provide skin care
  • Assist with pain relief
  • Give massages for comfort
  • Display favorite objects where clients can easily see them
  • Keep room temperature comfortable
  • Keep room softly lighted without glare
  • Provide emotional and spiritual support
  • And more