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5 Simple Strategies In Keeping Your Memory Sharp

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People with some forgetfulness can use a variety of techniques that may help them stay healthy and maintain their memory and mental skills. Here are 5 simple tips that can help:

  1. Plan tasks, make to do lists, and use memory aids like notes and calendars. Some people find they may remember things better if they mentally connect them to other meaningful things, such as a familiar name, song, book, or TV show.
  2. Develop interests or hobbies and stay involved in activities that can help both the mind and body.
  3. Engage in physical activity and exercise. Several studies have associated exercise (such as walking) with better brain function, although more research is needed to say for sure wither exercise can help to maintain brain function or prevent or delay symptoms of Alzheimer’s.
  4. Limit alcohol use. Although some studies suggest that moderate alcohol use has health benefits, heavy or binge drinking over time can cause memory loss and permanent damage.
  5. Find activities, such as exercise or a hobby, to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. If theses feelings last for a long time, talk with your doctor.

Excerpt from National Institute on Aging www.nia.nih.gov

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The local Alzheimer’s Association is available for resources to support clients and families by calling 941.365.8883 or visit www.alz.org/FLGulfCoast