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31Dec, 2016

In-home assistance after hospital stay or surgery

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Call Us Today For Assistance When you live in Sarasota, Fla., you can contact Right Accord Home Health Care to hire a companion or caregiver after you have an extended hospital stay or surgery. It is never a good idea to live alone after having a health problem, but an assisted living consultant can find the perfect person to help you during your recovery. Our goal is to provide professional elder care services inside a client's home. In order to choose the correct person to help you, we talk to your physician, evaluate your health and visit your home. Providing Home Health Care Employees Your physician may not want you to stay home by yourself after undergoing a procedure or recovering from an illness, but you may not have relatives who can help with your care. If you don't want to live in a nursing home for a few weeks, then call us for help. Fortunately, Right Accord Home Health Care maintains a list of trained and responsible employees. In order to provide the best senior c

22Dec, 2016

Safety and personal care for your loved ones

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When you need someone to provide elder care for a family member, then consider the services of Right Accord Home Health Care. We are a company that will provide the safety and personal care that is needed so that you can rest and spend time with your family. An assisted living consultant will discuss the options that you have if you feel that the person isn't able to stay at home any longer. Senior care often involves making sure medications are taken, baths are given and meals are prepared. Our assistants and nurses will also make sure the vital signs are normal and contact doctors if there are any concerns. Contact us today and let us help you in make the right decisions for your loved one.

30Nov, 2016

Elder care for a family member in Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice area

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If you need elder care for a family member in Sarasota, you can rely on the services that are offered by Right Accord Home Health Care. Our nurses and assistants provide senior care so that your loved one is safe while at home. Each assisted living consultant who helps in a facility or in the home helps with bathing, feeding, changing clothes and making sure the client can safely get around the home. If needed, the assistant can help with medications or can help with getting the client to doctor's appointments, the grocery store or other places that the person desires to visit.

5Mar, 2015

20 Things to Ask to Avoid In-Home Care Nightmare

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When you or your family need the support of a care provider in the home, the task of selecting the right agency can be a difficult decision. Phone: 941.366.0801

Sarasota Readers Choice 2014
24Feb, 2015

We Are a Readers Choice 2014 Finalist!

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In 2014, we were nominated and earned a spot as a Finalist for Best Local Home Health Care Provider during the Herald Tribune’s Readers Choice polling! Phone: 941.366.0801

Right Accord Health Care at home for father
23Jan, 2015

10 Tips to Keep in Mind While Helping Aging Parents

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1. Getting old is financially scary No matter how much money one may have, thinking about covering the expenses associated with aging or dealing with the unknown can be extremely scary. What if your elderly parent doesn’t have enough insurance or savings to pay for long term care or a terminal illness such as cancer? Phone: 941.366.0801