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20 Things to Ask to Avoid In-Home Care Nightmare

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When you or your family need the support of a care provider in the home, the task of selecting the right agency can be a difficult decision.

Here are some questions you can ask when interviewing an agency to avoid possible consequences later.

  1. Is your agency licensed in the state of Florida?
  2. Does your agency carry liability insurance?
  3. Do you employ (take taxes out) or do you contract (caregiver is responsible for their taxes) your caregivers?
  4. Are the caregivers employees not contractors of the agency and protected by Worker’s Compensation?
  5. Are the caregivers insured and bonded for theft?
  6. Is there supervision provided to the caregivers?
  7. Does the agency conduct criminal background checks and driving records of all their employees?
  8. Does your agency have a system to validate the caregivers experience and training and certification?
  9. Does your agency provide orientation training and continuing education?
  10. Does your agency provide back up coverage in case caregivers cannot report to scheduled shift?
  11. Does your agency provide Annual Competency reviews and Performance Evaluations?
  12. Does the agency provide documentation explaining Client Bill of Rights, Worker’s Compensation and HIPAA Privacy and Confidentiality?
  13. Does your agency have a systematic way for tracking the caregivers arrival and departure times at your home?
  14.  Are the caregivers trained on emergency management and disaster preparedness in the home?
  15. Are there a minimum number of hours required to start services?
  16. Is there a nurse we can call anytime if there’s a question or can come to the home if needed?
  17. Does your agency provide transportation services for the client?
  18. Does your agency have 24/7 telephone services?
  19. Does your agency provide follow up visits to your clients?
  20. Does your agency perform periodic surveys on Client and Caregiver Satisfaction?