Parkinson's Disease in-Home Care

Caregiver visiting client at home

What is Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a slow, progressive, debilitating disease where sections of the brain degenerate causing the muscles to become stiff. It can cause stoop posture and shuffling gait or walk. It can also cause pill-rolling. This is moving the thumb and the first finger like a rolling pill.

For seniors with Parkinson Disease, tremors and shaking make it very difficult to perform activities of daily living.

How Home Care Can Help Elderly With Parkinson Disease?

Home Care helps elderly with Parkinson's disease through the following:

  • Protect clients from any unsafe areas and conditions
  • Prevent falls. Seniors with Parkinsons are high risk for falls
  • Assist with personal care and activities of daily living
  • Assist with range of motion exercises to prevent contractures
  • Ambulate with assistance to help strengthen muscles
  • Encourage independence and self-care
  • Assist with housekeeping duties
  • Give emotional support
  • Promote client’ health and comfort
  • Maintain client’s dignity and self-worth

Our Team of Certified Caregivers Specialize in Parkinson’s Care:

RIGHT ACCORD takes pride in providing continuing education of our A-Team of caregivers. Parkinson Disease clients require unique skill and training. Our caregivers attend a special 8-hour training to understand Parkinson and develop skills that can be applied to seniors with Parkinson Disease.

  • They are:

  • Helpful to seniors with rigidity and tremors and give them opportunity to show what they can do
  • Do not take over just because they can do it faster or better
  • Allow seniors with sense of independence and self-worth
  • Do not push the elderly beyond his or her abilities
  • Understand communication when there is speech or swallowing impairment
  • Observe safety and proper body mechanics when assisting
  • Ensure safe and comfortable transfers, ambulation and body mechanics
  • Assisting with Personal Care and Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Homemaking and Companionship