Senior Care Advisors

Caregiver visiting client at home

What is Senior Care Advisors?

The Senior Care Advisors are individuals who are able to provide clients and families guidance in times of difficulty in making health care decisions. They are the one who has an in-depth understanding on the needs of seniors and aging parent. This needs includes financial, social and health concerns of a senior individuals. A Senior Care Advisors guide seniors in the process of looking for the best alternative care service for their needs according to their available budget allocation and preferred level of care. They assist in the education process by providing clear information about the various options.

The advisors also have a better understanding about the government assistance and social security programs intended for the seniors of the community to help ease the burden of financial concerns in availing their home care services options.

What Does Senior Care Advisors Do?

Senior Care Advisors first listens to the concerns of the senior and their family and then make assessment upon collecting enough data and information about their current situation. They apply their knowledge to identify the most appropriate options for seniors needs and to the best of their interest with detailed information about the next step of the process. They'll help senior individual to further explore more choices by presenting her a list of living care options in an easy and most presentable way. Once the senior have made their decision to proceed, the advisors will stand by them and will keep working with them until they have moved and settled to their chosen home care option such as in-home, assisted-livings or nursing cares. They offer a sense of compassion by carefully listening to the concerns of the senior and their family, and responding with kindness and empathy.

Who may need a Senior Care Advisor?

  • Senior living alone with no family support
  • Overwhelmed family caregiver
  • People confused about the different care services
  • Family who has difficulty navigating the healthcare system
  • Someone need guidance on availability of services
  • Individual with cognitive and medical issues
  • Family is not available to provide care
  • Person living in unsafe conditions
  • Families not satisfied with current health care providers
  • Need for caregiver support systems
  • Individuals who need legal and financial advisors
  • People with cognitive issues such as Dementia

Senior Care Advisors will:

  • Complete a thorough assessment
  • Initiate Planning
  • Support with Problem-Solving
  • Establish a Plan of Care
  • Monitor the overall care
  • Educate and Coach client and family members
  • Advocate for client and family

RIGHT ACCORD Senior Care Advisors will recommend local and cost-effective resources depending on your needs.

How to select a Senior Care Advisor?

Several factors must be considered when selecting the right Senior Care Advisor. The senior or the family members who is in charge of the decision making should be informed about the senior advisor's skills in gathering correct information data and referrals available. You also have to check if she is strongly valued respect and dignity towards older adults, this is important for this is the fundamental value to assert trust and confidence in her authority to your senior's care option.

RIGHT ACCORD Senior Care Advisors

A Senior Care Advisor at RIGHT ACCORD is an individual who holds a degree in Nursing (Associate, Diploma, Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D.), Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Social Work with experience or practicing in areas of gerontology, home care, mental health, and counseling. These professional are able to provide clients and families guidance in times of difficulty in making health care decisions.

Comprehensive Assessment Result

After a comprehensive assessment, we will customize a plan of care that best suit your needs.

These needs are in areas such as:

  • Appropriate Housing
  • Home Care Services
  • Primary and Specialty Doctors
  • Legal Counsel
  • Financial Advisors
  • Social Activities
  • Safety and Security Systems
  • Home Technologies
  • Personal Alarm Systems
  • And more…

Our specialty program “Dementia Care” highly recommends our Senior Care Advisors because families are faced with multiple challenges when someone in the family is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It requires a lot of planning and preparation as client and family take on to the journey of caregiving.

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