Post Surgical/Recovery or Rehabilitation Care

There's no place like home.

There’s no doubt, home is the best place to be especially when recuperating after hospitalization or after surgery. However,
According to the Medicare payment advisory committee, almost 1 in 5 Medicare patients will be readmitted to the within 30 days of discharge. Avoidable hospital readmissions are typically caused by:

  • Insufficient Post-Hospitalization Care
  • Failure to Adhere to Recommended Medication or Therapy Regimens
  • Lack of Physical Support for the Discharged Patient


  • Reduce incidence of hospital readmission
  • Coordinating discharge and following discharge recommendation
  • Reduce the incidence of falls in the home
  • Transportation from the hospital
  • Coordinating medical equipment delivery
  • Monitoring exercise and activities prescribed
  • Scheduling transport and follow up appointments
  • Reviewing medication and reminders
  • Assistance with food shopping and Preparing meals
  • Responding to any health concerns and reporting if anything significant
RIGHT ACCORD A-Team of Home Health Aide and Nursing Assistants can help after hospitalization and surgery by:
  • Assisting with self-care
  • Following plan of care
  • Assisting with personal care and activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting)
  • Assisting with range of motion (ROM) exercises and ambulation
  • Transferring from bed to chair or wheelchair
  • Taking vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure)
  • Assessment of pain and reminding about medications
  • Assist with use of medical assistive devices such as walkers, cane, crutches
  • Assist with light housekeeping
  • Prepare meals
  • And more